What Would Kubrick Do?

Image courtesy of  Shane Cahill

Image courtesy of Shane Cahill

The moon landing couldn't have been faked. At least that's what filmmaker S.G. Collins thinks. In fact, he created a short film back in 2012 that methodically reveals one simple, critical truth: back in 1969, we had the brains and the technology to send three guys to the moon strapped to a rocket. However, we DIDN'T have the filmmaking technology to fake it, at least not without having it look like something from the original "Land of The Lost" TV series. And that wouldn't have convinced anyone.

Whether you're a lunar truther or not, this is a fascinating way to spend 13 minutes learning about some of the science behind filmmaking, including the Inverse Square Law and "overcranking." Things that Stanley Kubrick probably would've used if he really was hired to pull this hoax off, as many claim. Collins walks us through it all, effusing a pretty charming nutty professor vibe as he does it. It's a much more interesting and safe way to explore whether the Apollo 11 moon landing was faked than, say, asking Buzz Aldrin. Just ask Bart Sibrel. But that's another story.

The techy stuff kicks in around the 4-minute mark. But from the jump, the film is a delightful mix of fascinating film tech history, geekery, and quirkiness. Plus, Collins is wearing an exceptional beanie. If you've got 13 minutes, take a look and let your imagination wander a bit. Enjoy!