Speed ≠ Quality

Image courtesy of  Anna Villa

Image courtesy of Anna Villa

The Big Idea:

“The chase” is a mirage. Building something of real value takes time combined with a healthy dose of iteration and reflection. When you prioritize quality over speed, you’ll no longer merely chase expectations, you’ll be capable of changing expectations.

The Briefing:

Does everything have to be a race? In life and in business, it often seems that way. A race to succeed (however you personally define that). A race to build your personal network. A race to beat your competition to market, to expand operations, to increase margins, to develop new product lines. We believe that moseying toward a dream every once in a while is not simply a luxury, but a necessity. Your life and your life’s work shouldn’t be more about speed than quality. The “thrill of the chase” just isn’t sustainable, nor does it guarantee happiness.

The biggest race of our lives is frequently characterized by the chasing of expectations. Well, we’re here to advocate for a grander view of things. Don’t merely chase expectations, resolve to change expectations. This is where speed can become a detriment. It takes time to develop something truly valuable. We’re cool with that. And we’re not alone. There’s a growing belief in prioritizing passion over convention. And with that comes a realignment of virtues. Speed isn’t what it used to be. Think of your life like a great bottle of wine. Give it some time to mature and breathe. You’ll be rewarded with a rich, nuanced experience. If more individuals and businesses likened themselves to bottles of wine, we’d have a landscape filled with more admirable value and happiness than we’ve ever known. Plus, just think of how fantastic it would be to use wine lingo to describe people and/or businesses. When’s the last time you found it appropriate to describe a person as “offering a potent aroma of saddle leather and smoked game?”

If you consider the classic tale about the tortoise and the hare, how do you see yourself? We say, let the hare fly out of the starting blocks. The tortoise will be watching the race while savoring a glass of fine wine.

Take Action:

  • Spend some time pondering the virtues of the tortoise. Decide if you’re ready to buck “the chase” and focus on the long haul.
  • Skipping the chase doesn’t mean sacrificing agility or flexibility though. Oh no, my friend. Speed does not equal energy. Begin building something that you can feel proud of without the burden of speed on your mind.
  • Incubate, iterate, reflect.

Dig Deeper:

Here are some additional resources that make the case for slowness in every facet of life.

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