Proof that Small Things Lead to Big Changes

Image courtesy of  Creative Mornings

Image courtesy of Creative Mornings

The idea that small things can be instrumental in creating something bigger is near and dear to our hearts. So much so that we named ourselves after a small device that’s used to set off a big bang. Not a coincidence.

That concept’s reinforced in this 25-minute presentation from one of our favorite speakers, Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why. In the video, which is part of the Creative Mornings series, he talks about how crucial it is to be fulfilled by the work you do. But it gets really interesting when he ties that idea all the way back to the physiological functioning of the human brain. We’re wired to feel fulfilled when we do something good for another person. And when others see you do something for someone else, they get inspired to help others too. By the end of the presentation, Simon ties everything back to building trust among a group of people, which leads to a healthy, caring work environment.


It makes so much dang sense. Check it out. It’s well worth the 25 minutes.