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Nothing says, “I’m ready to stylishly tear the roof off!” like one of our extremely provocative, extremely attractive, and extremely limited edition Detonator tees. Lovingly designed for those who defy convention and who aren’t afraid to thumb their noses at business as usual.

Choose your favorite tee, tell us your size, and provide your preferred shipping details. We’ll hand select your tee, and send it to you via the trained experts at the USPS. If we could still send it via ponies, you know we would. Alas, that service isn’t readily available.



Thought Bomb Tee

A subtle tee with a not-so-subtle message. This tee is for the individual who’s comfortable dropping the hint that they might, at any moment, poke convention squarely in the eye. Or, sucker-punch the status quo. You just never know.

Well-suited for:

  • Philosophical debates with strangers.

  • Repeatedly shouting the phrase “Did that just blow your mind?”

  • Deep conversations over drinkies.

  • Competitive Jai alai.

Completely ill-equipped for:

  • Tea and crumpets.

  • Your great uncle.

  • Walking through airport security looking sketchy.

The important physical details:

Classic unisex fit (runs a bit slim)

100% Organic Cotton

Chinchilla-like softness



Unknown Rebel Tee

Exuding a simple sophistication, this tee is the elegant and understated counterpoint to the Thought Bomb. If one is a poke in the eye, the other is a gentle grasp of the arm prompting a more subtle conversation about something important. Urgent, subtle, but strong.

Well-suited for:

  • Margaritas and chips at the local Mexican joint.

  • Feeling smarter than everyone else in the room, but totally not letting on about it.

  • Dancing along with any song by Deee-Lite.

Completely ill-equipped for:

  • Any court appearance whatsoever.

  • Important job interviews.

  • Tornado Alley. But then, nothing’s ever really ready for that.

The important physical details:

  • Women’s regular fit with a shallow scoop neck

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Chinchilla-like softness



Mandala Tee

This one’s deep. Mandalas have been used to help focus the mind and aid in meditation for centuries. Ours just happens to be wired with explosives. Why? The simple answer is we want you thinking about what you can do to change things. To blow up convention and make the world better. Then when you’re done thinking about it, DO something. That’s where it gets exciting.

Well-suited for:

  • Provoking “what if” conversations.

  • Philosophy class.

  • Impressing others with how deep you are.

Completely ill-equipped for:

  • Half-price wings night.

  • “T.J. Hooker” Marathons.

  • The Humpty Dance.

The important physical details:

  • Classic unisex fit (runs a bit slim)

  • Eco-Heather: 38% cotton (6.25% organic cotton), 50% polyester (6.25% recycled poly), 12% naturally occurring rayon

  • Chinchilla-like softness


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