We Have Liftoff!


We’re excited to announce the official launch of Detonator, a creative firm that helps organizations define, craft and communicate explosive stories using video, audio and interactive technologies.

Obviously the spacesuits should tell you we’re serious. But on the off chance they didn't communicate that, we'd like to mention we’ve spent the last dozen years or so honing our ability to craft compelling stories for brands and nonprofits, helping companies of all sizes from a variety of industries connect with their customers in compelling ways.   

We consider ourselves a de Laval nozzle for organizations. That’s a technical rocket scientist term, but put simply it means we help organizations harness the power of their unique stories to create focus, create connection with customers, and accelerate growth. Boom.

We're really excited to be starting this new chapter of our own ongoing story. You can learn more about what we’re up to at wearedetonator.com, and we'd humbly ask that if you think what we're doing is cool, please help spread the word about Detonator to other people who might dig what we're doing. We appreciate your help and support!

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to start our incredibly dramatic, slow motion walk towards the launch pad.


Chris and Matt Vanderlinden — Blasting Agents