Signing Off In Style


Ladies and gentlemen...introducing the video signature!

Behold, the video signature in its natural habitat.

Behold, the video signature in its natural habitat.

We've talked in earlier blog posts about how effective video is in humanizing your brand and building lasting connections with your audience. It's a great way to share information in a way that sticks with people, but most importantly it's a great tool for sharing who you really are as an organization by highlighting the unique personalities of your people.

Video becomes really powerful when you pair it with one of the most personal forms of communication out there — email. I mean, you're already writing a personal message to a specific person in most cases. So what if you could up the explosive impact of your message by giving that person insight into who you are and what you're passionate about in a way that makes you and your brand irresistible? That's where video signatures come in. 

On average, we each send and receive about 122 emails every day. Video signatures help your messages stand out and make a greater impact. They can be crafted in a variety of ways, and they can be pretty simple or more complex. For example, we think they're such a good idea that we created our own video signatures, and we went a little...well, you'll see.

Yup, totally Sugarhill Gang style. Complete with custom soundtrack and carefully crafted raps that tell you a little something special about each of us. Not subtle, hopefully memorable, and totally typical of how we like to do things.

Video signatures help you cut through the communication clutter while humanizing your brand. They help you leverage your unique personality to create an authentic connection with your audience, which builds trust. If you're a customer-facing employee, you should really have one.

Maybe not with a rap, but let's not take that off the table too quickly.

If you'd like to learn more about the impact video signatures can make, check out this article. And if you're interested in talking about how you could create video signatures for your business, get in touch with us. We'd love to help!