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Image courtesy of  Romo Durable Graphics

Image courtesy of Romo Durable Graphics

We first started working with our friends at Romo Durable Graphics back in August of 2013. Initially, we helped them articulate their purpose in an emotionally engaging way, creating a compelling brand story to coincide with the company's 60th anniversary. The brand story video we created for them connected with employees and customers immediately, effectively positioning the company as a trusted guide capable of helping customers discover new and more profitable ways to run their businesses.

We were excited to hear that the brand story was resonating so well. And the positive response begged the question, "Now what?" The next logical step was to extend the focus on voyages of discovery to the company's website. Visitors needed to walk away understanding that Romo considers the big picture, shooting for game-changing outcomes that make a positive impact on their businesses. The website needed to be retooled to put Romo's purpose front and center, and illustrate how that purpose makes their approach and their products different.

The website needed to tell their story.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to help them share their purpose with the world. The new romoinc.com went live at the beginning of 2014, and it guides visitors on a voyage to discover more about Romo Durable Graphics, its purpose, and how the company helps customers make their businesses better.

Click the image to explore romoinc.com

Click the image to explore romoinc.com