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Cielo is the world's leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, dedicated to helping their clients attract and hire better talent faster, all while providing a world-class candidate experience. Their motto is WE BECOME YOU™, and they mean it. They immerse themselves in a client's business, getting to know their industry, brand, and values. They help transform talent acquisition into a driver of real business results.

To say they have a lot of passion for what they do is an understatement. They constantly introduce new options for their clients, designed to provide a superior recruitment experience for both companies and candidates. They focus on balancing high tech solutions with high touch service and support, in just the right amounts for specific client types.

We've had the opportunity to work with them on a variety of video projects over the last few years, and we're very proud of the results of our ongoing relationship. Kristen Wright, Cielo's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, explains our collaboration process this way:

"Detonator has developed such a strong understanding of our brand that they've become a seamless extension of our team. They mirror our approach to learning and understanding our clients' businesses, and that's why they're so effective at providing creative ways to communicate our brand story in new and engaging ways."

We've had the privilege to do several things with video for Cielo. Here are some examples.

Powerfully communicating their brand story and purpose.

We love working with brands who aren't afraid to boldly state what they stand for. Cielo is one of those brands. They believe in the power of talent to change an organization, and ultimately, the world. We were honored to help them develop two brand story videos that were all about clearly and powerfully communicating what they believe to prospective clients and employees.

Cielo / There’s No Debate

Cielo / Surround Yourself With Talent

Introducing new products and services.

Cielo uses impressive technology, in concert with a high touch service component, to create their industry-leading RPO offerings. We've worked with them to introduce their High Volume RPO product, and to introduce prospective clients to their SkyRecruit technology platform. Also, we developed an animated video that highlights their impressive history of innovation in the RPO space.

Cielo / High Volume RPO Experience

Cielo / Meet SkyRecruit

Cielo / History of Innovation

Building emotional connections through authentic, personality-driven stories.

We developed a series of videos that introduced some of Cielo's core services to clients. The videos feature actual team members talking about what their team does for clients. Their focus, passion, and personality shine through, giving viewers an authentic look at the people driving their recruitment efforts.

Cielo / Bridge Pre-Employment

Cielo / Impression Center

Cielo / Service Excellence

For a brand like Cielo, video is an essential marketing tool. Since high tech combined with high touch is the foundation of their brand experience, video is the perfect way to communicate their value. They can use the latest technology to show their technology in action, and emotionally communicate the value of their service and their talented people. There's that word "talent" again. See, it is important.

If you'd like to explore how video can help you create brand awareness, or help introduce a new product or service, get in touch with us.