Dear Milwaukee...

Poster image courtesy of Stone Creek Coffee

Poster image courtesy of Stone Creek Coffee

We've always felt a connection to you. Heck, one of us actually lives here. The other one was born here. You’re in our blood, and there’s no use fighting it anymore.

It's time for us to do some serious business together.

We've doubled down on you, and we're excited to announce that we're proud members of the Ward 4 community, our new home in Downtown Milwaukee. It's been an ideal place for us to work and collaborate. Plus, it has a ping pong table. We've had a working theory that ping pong is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. We can now say with confidence that it works, if you're cool with the shortness of breath and perspiration that comes along with it. 

The point is, we're here to stay Milwaukee. We're not gonna rush this. Let's get to know each other better. We'll start...

  • When Matt was a kid, he and Kareem-Abdul Jabar's daughter played together at Back Bay Park.
  • Chris lives in Milwaukee, and has spent countless hours in that same park with his own daughter.
  • We've both performed at Summerfest. Once we subbed for Soulive when they got stuck in New York. Another time, we technically opened for The Roots. I mean, it was eight hours before The Roots, but it still counts. 

Now it's your turn, Milwaukee. If you’re interested in sharing something important with your audience through video, we should talk. If you happen to be one of our clients and you know someone in the Milwaukee area that has a great story to tell, maybe you could introduce us? We'd be forever grateful.

In fact, if you find yourself in Milwaukee on Thursday, June 22, you should stop by the Ward 4 Open House and say hi. You can get directions here. We'll be there, obviously. And so will the ping pong table. Maybe we can share a friendly game? We’re not good at it, but we are enthusiastic.

Let's connect Milwaukee. We think we'll be great together. Ball’s in your court.


Matt and Chris Vanderlinden
Blasting Agents / Detonator