Crater Maker

Today, we bring you a simple vocal fist bump to remind you just how awesome you are. This song is a countermeasure, designed to ward off the heat-seeking missiles that your week is constantly firing off. It’s a reminder that you have some weapons of your own.

We’re just back from a recent flight of fancy, and that’s helping us see this in sharp focus. There are so many things, urgent but ultimately not important, that can totally push you off track and distract you from what matters. Sometimes you need to go on the offensive and blow those distractions right out of the water.

And that’s where "Crater Maker" comes in. We hope you’ll embrace the core’re explosive, and you can turn any day of your week into a crater by releasing your awesomeness. The vocal guitar solos are a bonus, and we strongly encourage choreographed air guitar routines to augment the experience.

Good luck, and make some craters today.