Call Yourself Out

To have a truly great career, you need to find one that connects with your passion. Easier said than done, but the first step towards making it a reality is to simply choose to do something. Stop making excuses and start making changes. Call yourself out. 

Speed ≠ Quality

“The chase” is a mirage. Building something of real value takes time combined with a healthy dose of iteration and reflection. When you prioritize quality over speed, you’ll no longer merely chase expectations, you’ll be capable of changing expectations.

What Would Kubrick Do?

The moon landing couldn't have been faked. At least that's what filmmaker S.G. Collins thinks. In fact, he created a short film back in 2012 that methodically reveals one simple, critical truth: back in 1969, we had the brains and the technology to send three guys to the moon strapped to a rocket. However, we DIDN'T have the filmmaking technology to fake it, at least not without having it look like something from the original "Land of The Lost" TV series. And that wouldn't have convinced anyone.